Advanced Flight Training

Trucos para el juego de PC Advanced Flight Training

Contraseñas de nivel
Capitulo: Contraseña
ACCELERATION: In flight training
AILERONS: When you first select a maneuver
AIRFLOW: Your first task in an unfamilar
AIRSPEED: Achieving straight and level flight
ALTIMETER: Check your instrument panel
ANGEL OF ATTACK: In a straight climb
ATTITUTE: The visual references for a climb
AVIATION: This is a straight descent
BACK PRESSURE: The visual references for a descent
BANK: The plain in the attitude indicator
CENTER OF GRAVITY: The glareshield should be at an angle
COMPASS: To take off, the airplane must accelerate
CONTROL SURFACE: Begin by lining up the airplane
DRAG: Plan your approach to the airport
ELEVATOR: On short final, about
EMPENNAGE: While on final approach
FINAL: The landing flare is a slow
FLAPS: Your goal is to make the transition
FUEL STARVATION: The transition from climb to level
G-FORCE: The transition from descent to level
GLARESHIELD: If you start to lose altitude during the turn
GLIDESLOPE: A stall occurs because
EADING: The first indication of an approaching
LATERAL AXIS LIFT: No sooner was the airplane invented
LONGITUDINAL AXIS: Begin by increasing the power
MACH: Lincoln Beachey, an early daredevil
PITCH: As the inverted horizon comes
PROPELLER: Begin the slow roll by increasing power
ROLL: The immelman was invented by max immelman
RUDDER: The heading of the airplane should be
RUNWAY: Execute a roll, stopping in the inverted position
SERVICE CEILING: Increase power to 100% and reduce the pitch
SKID: This is the same introduction flight
SLIP: Increase power to 100% while maintaining
SPIN: Begin the roll by increasing the power
STALL: Increase power 100% and attain full speed
THROTTLE: Roll the airplane in the same manner
TRACK AFT: flashes an on-screen message confirming
VERTICAL AXIS: Your succes as a race pilot depends
VERTICAL STABILIZER: It isn’t by accident that the most
YAW: In formation flying, you test your flying precission